How to Find Us

We are based at
Unit 15, Martlesham Creek
Sandy Lane
Suffolk IP12 4SD

Office tel 01394 610060
Office email conceptory(@)

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8.30 to 5.00

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You are welcome to visit during working hours, or by arrangement outside of those hours. Please contact the office.

About the Conceptory
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The initial idea came from attendance at a “Maker Summit” at the RSA in 2015, where we first bumped into the idea of maker-spaces in their various forms. In Bronzework, even though we still use traditional methods of manufacture, we increasingly make use of modern digital methods, not as “disruptive” technology, but as a part of the toolkit. The opportunity to bring these strands together happened when a part of the business here in Suffolk was sold in early 2016, freeing up some space. So the Conceptory was born.

The Team
Moray MacPhail
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Moray started what might be called a career as an apprentice in a blacksmiths, before becoming a naval architect. After 11 years designing ships, he took over a chandlery in Suffolk, which over the past 25 or so years has morphed into Bronzework. Currently a Fellow of the RSA, his main areas of interest are to encourage people to actually make things – aside from the various silly projects like the world's fastest cordless drill powered canoe and a strimmer engine powered trade bike used for commuting.

Dave Hands
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Dave can't quite remember how he ended up working here, though he has done so for 17 years, so it can't be all bad. Aside from umpteen “I've started so I'll (perhaps) finish” projects he creates such wonders as a steam-punk styled motorised penny-farthing bicycle.

Adam Brown
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Adam got a bit bored working in a VW garage so came here to use his brain a bit more. He has been kept busy enough since not to notice that it was a huge mistake. His ignorance of all things boaty, and his light weight, have combined to make him the very successful pilot of the cordless canoe.

Jacqui Carter
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Jacqui used to have a proper job, but now spends her time keeping us in order, and bringing in cakes left over from her children's parties.

Maddie Lamont
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Maddie, the newest member of the team, has just joined us from Northumbria University, to find that nothing ever goes as planned (or promised). Ever the optimist.

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Harry Squeacombe is our pest control officer whose main skills lie in lolling around demanding food or attention, though he has developed a new talent for grabbing the end of strapping when we are binding palettes.