Space for Your Ideas

We are establishing a facility where designer/makers can develop and launch their ideas. What is it going to be like?


This is for people who want to make their living from designing or making. The Conceptory runs alongside a running business.


It's a workshop and a studio. You will be in an environment where things take physical shape. That practical experience will forever influence the quality of your design work


It's an idea-rich environment where there is a lot of sharing of ideas and experience.


You can be your own boss and make your stuff happen how you want it.


You get your own space to do with as you wish, at reasonable cost and on flexible terms.


We have space with industrial machines, prototyping tools and processes for makers to work in a variety of materials.


Though in rural Suffolk, we are 90 minutes from Liverpool Street (and of course, we have fast broadband). Locally there's a growing community of local artists and designer/makers.