What's included
Studio Membership

A number of studio units are available for use at £220 per month
(minimum 3 months, with discounts for 6 and 12 months).

What you get depends on your needs, but can include any of these:

- Your own studio unit which incorporates a desk/work surface with storage space above. You can modify it to suit your needs – eg by adding shelving, lockers, pinboards etc.
- Use of workshop space and common tools, drills, sanders etc (after initial induction).
- Use of “advanced” tools eg welders, polishers, printers etc during working hours. You must have completed relevant courses as required.
- If you need it, a workbench. These are bookable but free.
- Use of build space, which is bookable. Depending on the timescales and scale, a charge may apply. Assembling a piece of furniture is one thing – a complete stage set built over 3 months is another!
- Key access at all hours
- Free fast broadband wifi
- Your own email address
tea and coffee making facilities – maybe even biscuits too. 

Other things you may want to use, but which aren't covered by the studio membership include:

- lockable storage or material storage beyond your own studio unit
- machine time on printers
- technical assistance from staff/technicians
- help with receiving materials and/or sending goods by carrier.

Things you will need to provide yourself:

- computer hardware and software – electricity and wifi provided free
- materials (mostly, there will some odds and ends available here)
- PPE – goggles, masks, boots, overalls, ear defenders as appropriate. We'll keep a store of consumables available for purchase.

In all cases (including professionals), and for everyone's sake, you must complete our induction courses relevant to the activities you want to do before you can use the workshop. You don't have to have subscribed to membership to do an induction course.

Guest Membership

If you don't want to commit to Studio Membership, then there is the option of Guest Membership for a period ranging from a half day to a year's subscription. This will allow booking a workbench and using the facilities here (again after suitable inductions). However you will only have access during working hours.

A schedule of charges can be found here Terms and conditions can be found here