Courses and Facilities

Conceptory is established alongside a running business – Bronzework – which makes custom metalwork. Have a look at to see what we get up to. 
As well as having a wide range of metalworking equipment, there is also a good range of digital and woodworking equipment, so it is an ideal set-up for prototyping, one-off work or short runs. 
A full list of the types of equipment we have is here, together with an indication of which are included in the basic workshop induction, and those where you will need either to demonstrate your ability to operate it safely, or to undertake the relevant course.


Induction – which everyone (professional or not) must do
A 4-hour course to introduce the machines & H&S and code of practice etc

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Other courses include:

- Metal cutting – use of the guillotine and plasma cutter – (1 hour)
- Welding – Introduction to MIG and TIG – (3 sessions of 2 hours)
- Hot work – Using Oxy/Acetylene for heating/cutting and welding – (2 hours)
- Machining – Introduction to turning and milling - (4 hours)
- Metal Polishing – Techniques for finishing metal – (2 sessions of 2 hours)
- Wood cutting & routing – using de-fingering machines safely – (1 hour)
- Digital technologies – from CAD (or scan) to print (4 hours)

Other equipment (eg the industrial sewing machine or the rigging machine) can be explained as required.
If you prefer, you can call on the skills of one of the team here to help you out, on a repayment basis.
There's a list of equipment here.

What's coming next? (we hope)

- a laser cutter
- a kiln
- a 3d printer for ceramics
 - or stuff which people ask for